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From: Date: Tue Oct 27 10:56:57 2009
Subject: RE: [PDO] next steps
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Hi Lukas et. all,

There were a few things we discussed in the past which I am not sure
you've been looking at. This includes both a unified API for meta data
access (so one can use these generic APIs in frameworks and admin
applications) and also how to layer PHP's XML support ontop of XML
capabilities within the databases. Is this something that has been
discussed or is this the time?

Also, it'd be good to document the changes. Wez documented what he could
re: what exists so far so we will probably want to figure out how we can
version control those docs and update them with the various changes.


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> Subject: [PDO] next steps
> Aloha,
> So I think the next steps could look like this:
> 1) We try to go through the open bugs, close as many as possible. We
> also try to add tests for these bugs potentially start adding
> additional ones. We also review what sort of documentation is missing.
> Finally we run the current test suite against the different RDBMS that
> are supported. While we are doing this we use the wiki to note down
> issues we see in the current PDO API, architecture or feature set.
> 2) Based on the findings from 1) we ponder how we can evolve PDO. Do
> we need to do a major new version or can we get by with a minor
> ---
> I assume that step one would take at least until the end of the year,
> depending on how things go. There is room for everyone to do things in
> step 1), regardless of if you can code C or not. Regardless of if you
> have RDBMS xyz installed or not.
> What do you guys think about this game plan?
> If we can agree on this plan (or some variation) ideally people would
> commit to what part of step 1) they want to work on, just so that we
> know what all aspects are addressed and that all drivers have someone
> looking into things.
> regards,
> Lukas Kahwe Smith
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